Beer Passport launched!

Beer Passport launched! 2560 1707 Tristan Gredley

Beer Passport launched!

Well, here we are. 1 year in the making, 2 national lockdowns, 5 minor setbacks, 23 independent partner breweries, 1,368 beers consumed (all for quality assurance purposes of course) and Beer Passport is ready for launch!

We’re incredibly excited to get to this stage. There were times where we weren’t sure we’d even get here. Thankfully, with a little perseverance, we’re at a point where we can start getting Beer Passport out there for everyone to enjoy. 

Beer Passport is about shining a light on the independent craft brewery scene by providing the means and motivation for people to discover our unique, independent and incredibly wonderful partner breweries. In doing so, we hope to allow our customers to discover beer that they wouldn’t find in their local pub or supermarket.

We’d like to take an opportunity to thank all of those that have helped us through this journey. Our developer and designer, Tristan, ( who has worked hard in ensuring our website and Beer Passport look as good as they do. Our incredibly talented illustrator, Liz, (@lizsmith.illustration) for her fantastic artwork featured throughout our website and Beer Passport. And finally, our partner breweries, without whom we wouldn’t be able to have created Beer Passport and for whom we want to shine a light upon. THANK YOU!

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