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Lockdown 3.0 – Supporting Independent Breweries

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Supporting Independent Breweries through Lockdown 3.0 and BEYOND

Lockdown 3.0, not the start to 2021 we were all hoping for. We were all hoping to be looking at 2020 in our rearview mirrors, gleefully waving goodbye and looking forward, down the road, to a brighter 2021. So far, NOT so good. However, there is hope on the horizon and what looks to be light at the end of the tunnel. This blogpost is about how you can support independent breweries in the meantime and why Beer Passport is a great purchase for when we reach the end of that tunnel.

Like the last few lockdowns, pubs and restaurants have been forced to close. A vital line of income for independent breweries around the country has been taken away, with no certainty on when things will return to normal. With last minute changes, unclear guidelines and ever changing goalposts, breweries have had to be reactive and innovative.

Supporting independent breweries throughout lockdown 3.0 is, not only crucial, but incredibly easy to do. Almost all of our partner breweries have webshops or are operating on a takeaway basis. You can visit each one online by venturing to the partner brewery section of our website and clicking on any of the logos (thumbnails). Alternatively, we’ve provided links to the URL’s and social channels at the bottom of this blogpost. 

At Beer Passport, we’ve set out to encourage people to explore the craft brewery scene by visiting our partner breweries and their taprooms, enabling them to discover new and exciting breweries and drink the very best beer. Lockdown 3.0 has certainly put a spanner in the works for us, with people being unable to visit the taprooms and enjoy that part of the experience. However, it shouldn’t stop people from being able to drink the freshest beers available, whilst supporting local independent craft breweries.

And, of course, once lockdown is over, our partner breweries will be welcoming people back into their taprooms with open arms (at a safe distance of course). When the restrictions ease, we’ll have spent almost an entire year either in lockdown or under tight restrictions. The majority of us won’t have travelled abroad or managed to explore or discover much during that time. What better way to get back out there than to start visiting independent breweries around London?! 

Brewery taprooms are generally not as crowded as the pubs and restaurants. They also tend to have a lot of open / outdoor space allowing for better ventilation. Many of them have linked up with independent street food vendors, so you’re not just supporting the breweries but other small businesses as well. What’s more, you’ll be back in a social environment unlike no other.

Take it from us, drinking beer at a taproom just hits differently! Fresh, flavoursome, hoppy gold awaits! AND…with Beer Passport you’ll get exclusive discounts at each of our partner breweries.

Of course, we’re not sure when this lockdown will be lifted and we can’t tell you what sort of restrictions will be about when they do. We can, however, tell you that supporting local independent breweries is important throughout and that when we do come out of lockdown, Beer Passport will be there enabling you to explore the craft brewery scene, discover unique independent breweries and drink mouthwatering beer. 

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