It’s good to be back!

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It's good to be back!

The first set of restrictions have been lifted and it feels SO good to be able to get back out there enjoying beer with friends again!

With Lockdown 3.0 being announced shortly after Christmas, it wasn’t the start to 2021 that we all wanted. It certainly wasn’t what we’d envisaged when we created Beer Passport. However, with restrictions starting to ease, we can finally start to feel optimistic about things.

Many of our partner breweries have already begun welcoming back customers for drinks outside…and how good does that feel?! To be able to get out and go for a drink in a social environment again! At the first opportunity, we took ourselves out to visit both Deviant & Dandy and 40FT breweries. We were not disappointed. That first freshly poured pint sitting there glistening in the sun – it’s what dreams are made of.

As founders of Beer Passport, we’ve also been eager to see our customers using their passports and supporting independent breweries. We were thrilled to see it in use finally! A big thank you to those that made it out and sent us your pictures. Keep them coming! 

As you can probably imagine, setting up a company during a global pandemic wasn’t easy. We’ve had a number of hurdles to overcome but they were all made worthwhile seeing our customers enjoying their passports and our partner breweries welcoming new faces. 

As it stands, we’re optimistic that the date for indoor dining (currently scheduled for May 17th) will remain where it is. This will benefit even more of our partner breweries who are eager to welcome back customers. Also, as we continue to work our way towards the summer, we’ll (hopefully) continue to see an improvement in the weather and longer days to boot! 

It’s what we all deserve after 2020 was such a write off. So grab your passport, head to a partner brewery near you and enjoy the freshest beer in the sun…finally!

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